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There are a number of ways in which you can help support the great work that SAT do to help the stray and abandoned dogs in the Vega Baja area.  Whether you want to make a single payment or commit to a regular donation, leave us money as a bequest in your will or become a longer-term sponsor, we are very grateful for anything that you are able to afford.

All monies received go towards the welfare of the dogs, contributing to their food, veterinary bills and general upkeep of the kennels.  You can donate from as little as 10 €

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Show your support by becoming a Friend of SAT. You can join for 1 year, 5 years, or become a Friend for Life. As a Friend, you will receive newsletters, information about forthcoming events, special offers and more. All the donations we receive through the Friends scheme go towards providing our dogs with the care they need and finding loving homes for them.

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Making a will need not be complicated or expensive.  There are a number of myths about what happens to your property when you die so making a will is the one way to ensure that you decide what happens to your money and property. If you don’t leave a will the government will decide how your estate (property, money and possessions, after your debts are paid) is to be distributed.  When you have made your will and looked after your family and friends you may wish to consider this charity – Sociedad Protectora para Animales de Torrevieja (S.A.T.). Leaving us a gift will cost you nothing in your lifetime but your act of kindness is literally a gift of life to the many vulnerable dogs we aim to help.

Costs for maintaining kennel facilities are high for the many adult dogs and puppies that remain in our care until new homes can be found.

Legacy donations help us to ensure every dog receives good food, bedding and veterinary care which includes blood testing, vaccinations, micro chip and sterilisation as appropriate.

If you would like further information or have any questions, use this form to get in touch

Please help to give an abandoned dog the WILL to live!