It’s all coming together…

26 March 2023

Another couple of weeks have gone by and things are progressing well. The office space now has a tiled floor and ceiling, the area outside has now been tiled and a ramp has been created to make the office, vet and other areas on that level accessible. The vet room is about to be tiled, and the bathroom has a shower tray ready to go. The storage rooms between the two sets of kennels are virtually ready to go and in the large dog kennels the floors have been finished and the drains are going in. It looks like we are on course to finish Phase I in April/May.

Where next?

On the other side of the site, hiding in the undergrowth, the foundations for Phase II have been laid and are waiting to be built out. Phase II is virtually a mirror image of what’s being built now and will double the capacity of the kennels.

We’re really hoping that we will have enough funds to move ahead with Phase II immediately on the completion on Phase I, and it would make such a difference to have the whole project complete. Only you can help us get there. Please help us make this dream come true by donating anything you can to help SAT be the best it can possibly be, and give all our dogs the best care.

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