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7 May 2023

Phase 1 is virtually complete. Here you can see the metalwork being fixed onto the kennels and the gates, and all the other rooms have been thoroughly cleaned. We still can’t occupy Phase 1 because we’re still waiting for permission from the drainage authority and to sort the electricity supply.

So what about Phase 2?

We know that we don’t have sufficient funds at the moment to commit to the whole of Phase 2, which would give us a complete mirror image of Phase 1 on the other side of the site, but we think we can afford (just) to build the large dog kennel area of Phase 2. That will give us more capacity to help more dogs, and will give the team at the kennels greater flexibility in deciding which dogs can go together and which prefer to be alone. The foundations are already in place so we can go ahead with this while we wait for the final permissions. We know this will stretch us financially but with your support we hope we can get there.

As you know we receive no government funding and rely solely on donations and our shops to pay for all these important developments and our day-to-day activities. Any donation you can make, no matter how small, helps us keep our dogs safe and well cared-for.

Your support makes our work possible

If you wish to help, make a donation

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